Trevor Lee

Here’s what libraries mean to Trevor:

‘I count myself fortunate that when growing up I had access to a well-stocked local library that we would visit as a family every few weeks.  Rushing in and seeing row upon row of coloured spines waiting to be pulled out and taken home was exhilarating.  I would race around the displays checking on favourite authors, browsing new acquisitions and beating my sister to the loans desk.   I could never quite believe that you could do all this for nothing.   And not having to buy a book meant I was free to experiment with my reading.  I didn’t have to procrastinate over blurbs picking just one, or ponder whether I should wait for the paperback release.  Because of libraries, reading for me was a roller-coaster of highs, with occasional lows, that shot me to places that were otherwise unreachable. 

‘Libraries bring a freedom to reading that is unique.  As a parent I buy my children books, but I must not deprive them of the same experience I had: freedom to find their own favourites, browse and make choices that allow them to grow and launch their own reading journeys.’